Course Intro

The hottest investment of the first half of the year wasn’t, Netflix, or even Tesla.

Investors who bought Bitcoin for $5 or less just five years ago are millionaires today...

Even if Bitcoin ultimately falls apart or crashes, its underlying technology—known as “blockchain”—is likely to disrupt financial markets for years to come.

- Avi Salzman, BARRON's

The Bitcoin protocol has launched a wave of innovation in the fields of cryptography, distributed computing and economics. We'll examine each of these and consider the what conditions made such a phenomenon possible, why cryptocurrencies will continue to displace centralized systems and how they work.

This course will introduce you to the theory and mechanics behind cryptocurrencies.

Are you a professional software engineer or an aspiring programmer with an interest in understanding the core concepts of cryptocurrencies?

If so, this course is for you.

The graph above shows the % market cap for the dominant cryptocurrencies.

Though during this course, we'll focus primarily on the Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will be able to take what you learn and apply it towards other blockchain technologies, too!

What do you get?

Receive key reference materials
8 classes where feedback/interaction is welcome
Learn core concepts behind cryptocurrencies
Build all components of a blockchain
Build your own cryptocurrency
Get working implementations in Ruby, Go and Solidity
Create a Smart Contract & build a dApp
Achieve Certificate of Completion
Access to Cryptocurrencies Developers Slack Group
Forge new relationships with peers
Access to cryptocurrency/blockchain recruiter network

What does it cost?

Less than $250 per class. (8 classes) See Registration page.

More questions? See FAQ, Course Outline in main menu or just Ask!

Where will it be held?

Peachtree Offices
1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy
The Perimeter Training Room
Atlanta, Georgia 30338

Classes will be held The Perimeter Training Room shown below:

There's a 16 seat capacity and places are running out.

Hurry and claim your seat in class!

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