Recruiter Network

Why does this program exist?

To help those that enroll in class, that "Opt In" to the program, get hooked up with potential employers.

How does it work?

Refer one or more people to class.

What do you get?

Access to the class enrollment contact information to those that "Opt In" to making their contact information available to the Recruiter Network.


You will receive applicable class enrollment contact information before the 2nd class begins.

You must be a member of Lex Sheehan's LinkedIn network. If you're not already connected, just request to be at (Please "Like" at least one class announcement post on LinkedIn.)

Access and/or continuation of the Cryptocurrencies Developers Class Recruiter Network can be discontinued as a result of any valid complaint by any class enrollees or for any reason by the Cryptocurrencies Developers Class.

When an employment connection is made, you are requested to share that good news with Cryptocurrencies Developers Class, which may publish news of the success.

That's what we might call a "non-zero sum solution". Enrollee wins, Recruiter wins and Cryptocurrencies Developers Class wins.